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How to spot Fake Pandora Bracelets from China

How to spot Fake Pandora Bracelets from China

Hi Guys,

I have came across some great websites recently, over the past week or so, which helps identify different fakes of products which I will post individually. This article is about spotting fake Pandora bracelets which seem to be making their way across the water and onto the arms of either unsuspecting people, or people who want the look of the Pandora bracelet, but obviously cannot afford it.

Usually people will say "If it looks too good to be true, it usually is." and I have learnt over the years of buying and selling of imported items, that this is 100% true. Pandora bracelets, depending on the type of material they are made of whether its leather, silver, gold or fabric, usually start off at the cheapest of £35 and going up to around £600 to £700. If you see a bracelet that is a genuine Pandora bracelet online for around £4.99 or £10, I ca guarantee you that it is not genuine as the saying at the start of this paragraph applies to this situation.

If a person paid a large amount of money for something, why would they sell it so low? even if they didn't like it, they still know how much a bracelet with this kind of brand name attached to it is worth. I don't wear women's jewellery, as it would raise some awkward questions because I am a man, but I even know how much that bracelet was wort hand if someone gave me one, I would not sell it for so low a price.

Lots of people still new to online shopping usually get caught out or fooled by thinking its on special offer from whatever supplier it is coming from. There is only a handful of authorised sellers for Pandora bracelets and charms in the UK, so unless they have the receipt and date of purchase etc and all packaging of where it came from, I would not touch it.

I can locate a website that sells Pandora bracelets with the copied exact packaging and at first glance no one could tell the difference. I could also sell it for £14.99 and make a profit of around £11 on it. Someone online could not, from a picture, tell that it was a fake Pandora bracelet until they got it into their hands and felt the quality, the weight and tested the durability of it and how easy the fakes are to break.

I can also obtain online and sell replica charms and beads which look very nice and would fool most people. These can cost anywhere from $0.49 cents which is a bargain to fill up a charm bracelet as most Pandora charms are around £15 each about $25 for the basic ones. You can see how attractive the markup is for counterfeit sellers to make a killing on an unsuspecting buyer.

Here is a few on the spot tips from John Greed's Jewellery website located at:

Like all successful things PANDORA is much copied. The fakes fall into two broad categories: those that are simply charm bracelets or beads like PANDORA but do not pretend to actually to be PANDORA and those that that are actually pretending to be PANDORA.

Lot of customers who have unwittingly bought bracelets and charms that pretend to be genuine PANDORA and are not. They usually come to us because there is a problem with their bracelet due to a quality issue.
  • On the high street this is pretty obvious as a genuine dealer will have all the PANDORA window displays, furniture and packaging . If you are overseas this should also be the case. Genuine PANDORA jewellery is NOT sold in markets, from stalls or anywhere else other than reputable jewellery shops.

  • Online things get a bit trickier. In the U.K. there are only a handful of genuine, authorised PANDORA retailers.

  •  You can tell we're genuine because we have the 'Certified PANDORA online retailer' logo on our website. Also any one with 'PANDORA' in their domain name other than PANDORA in the U.K. is fake. PANDORA for brand protection purposes do not allow us to trade with 'PANDORA' in our domains. A lot of them are Chinese or Indian sites pretending to be genuine PANDORA sellers. You will be lucky to get anything back for your money at all from these sites.

  • Genuine PANDORA is not traded on Amazon and only a very small amount on Ebay is genuine. So if you are contemplating buying fake PANDORA because you think it will save you money, consider the following:

Jewellers receive many Genuine PANDORA bracelets with fake beads that have become stuck on PANDORA's patented screw thread system. Usually the PANDORA bracelet has been damaged in the attempt to remove the bead.

Jewellers receive many Genuine PANDORA bracelets with fake beads that have become stuck on PANDORA's patented screw thread system. Usually the PANDORA bracelet has been damaged in the attempt to remove the bead.

The point of fake goods is to make fast cash for the supplier. This usually means that fake goods are built to a quality to impress at the point of sales and that's it. Most instantly fall to bits right after the purchase and indeed have been designed to. So however little you have spent or how much you've saved it's often a complete waste of money. We see dozens of fake PANDORA bracelets and they are all poor quality imitations.

A bracelet swinging around your wrist all day long needs to be high quality and well built to withstand the daily rigours, to go for anything less than the genuine article is a waste of time.

The whole point of PANDORA is the ability to treasure your precious moments, if your perception of your charms is of cheap counterfeits, you've missed out on the whole point and real value of PANDORA .

Thanks for reading guys and I hope this helps some people out if they are dubious about whether or not their Pandora Bracelet is fake or real.

Bye for now.



  1. the contents are very informative and useful. i'll be sharing this to my "comrades"...

    1. Sounds awesome spread the word so you don't get stung by a fake and thanks for reading ;)

  2. This is a great article for my research. Keep posting. Thank you.


    1. Hi Cindy, thanks for the comments I will be starting to write for this blog again as I am ordering more products from China right now, mainly technology related ones to start off with, to review and show how they can be setup, how well they perform and upload instrucitons on how to use them so watch this space :) SOrry been away so long I got new job etc and took while to settle into atfer not having one for about a year so big sorry throwing out there to all the readers :)

  3. Love it! Very interesting topics, I hope the incoming comments and suggestion are equally positive. Thank you for sharing this information that is actually helpful.

    1. Thank you thank you each month I am going to order some products from china as I have neglected this blog for some time as I haven't ordered anything for about a year from China due to losing job way back in 2012 which had a knock on effect into 2013 and 2014 catching up on bilsl etc. However I am now back and will be reviewing on youtube some cameras for security in the home, XMBC android boxes etc and many more each month with the spare cash I have so keep an eye out :) I may have some more on jewellery soon as well ;)

  4. Hi Henry,
    I'd like to ask for your permission to publish the photo of the bracelets on my blog Is that okay? I'll link it back to you or course.

  5. I've bought some fake Pandora. I thought it was genuine and the site was identical to Pandora sire. I'm trying to get a refund. Any tips please? Kind regards, Colette

  6. I have also purchased from a fake Pandora site. I thought I was ordering from the genuine Pandora website. Only when you have paid your money and you get an e-mail confirming your order do you realise that it is coming from China. Despite several e-mails to the site and to the individual I cannot even get an address to return the bracelet.

  7. I also bought Pandora that turned out to be fake and damaged. two day after my purchase the web site was gone. I do have and name and address. as follows.
    No 3-Floor, No3355-GuDaiRoad
    MinHangQu SHANGHAI 201101
    Hope this will help

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